1. ECP Therapy is intended for use under the oversight of a healthcare professional who has completed the requisite training and certification in the use of the NCP-5 system.
  2. Technicians* must be thoroughly familiar with the system’s controls, safety features, and functions detailed in this manual. Consult the Training Manual for the Renew™ NCP-5 External Counterpulsation System for detailed training and treatment instruction. Training must be successfully completed prior to use of the device on patients.
  3. The NCP-5 unit must be connected to a properly grounded electrical outlet for safe operation.
  4. With the exception of a few specified minor routine maintenance procedures contained in the manual, the NCP-5 system is not user- serviceable. To avoid electrical hazard or damage to the system or danger to Operator or patient, refer all service maintenance to certified Renew Group Private Limited service personnel.
  5. Do not use the NCP-5 system in the presence of flammable anesthetics or in an oxygen-rich environment (such as ICU, CCU, ER, or surgical operating suite).
  6. Do not use the NCP-5 system in close proximity to strong magnetic fields (such as found near an MRI).
  7. Do not connect any other signal source to the electrocardiogram cable or the patient’s plethysmograph sensor without first consulting Renew Group Private Limited.
  8. No part of this medical device requires sterilization. Do not autoclave or immerse any component of this system in fluids.
  9. Do not perform treatment if the system fails to initialize properly.
  10. Do not connect the PC to the Internet or to any other network (such as LAN, WAN, etc.). No connections are to be made to the Ethernet (RJ- 45) connector on the PC.
  11. Do not touch contacts of electrical or data connectors on the NCP-5 unit.